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Our Solutions:

We do many things for many people in the international environment.

For Businesses and Organizations
For NGOs and Governments
For Individuals

We design strategies  and plans for US companies seeking to expand their operations overseas.

We guide foreign companies as they enter North American markets.

We solve conflicts with international partners.

We navigate the maze of regulations in the US, the European Union and throughout the world.

We solve employment and immigration problems.

We negotiate contracts, licensing and intellectual property agreements.

We train executives to succeed in new cultures and countries.

We solve problems.

We provide Rule of Law and judicial improvement training and seminars.

We solve conflicts with international partners.

We staff and manage election observations for best international practices.

We design and implement programs for the capture of foreign direct investment.

We handle employment and immigration issues.

We grow emerging economies.

We create good governance and dispute resolution protocols.


We conduct internal investigations.

We solve problems.

We manage crises.

We create custom crafted strategies for businesses and individuals.

We make legal issues manageable and we resolve them.

We expand and develop networks.

We make introductions, build teams and develop cross-cultural partnerships. 

We advocate.

We work with embassy staff.

We find the right legal talent and bring it to you.

We build your business or organization.

We solve problems.

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